We offer multiple levels of performance upgrades. With many options ranging from light performance like street legal exhaust systems, lowering springs, cold air intakes, and tires to purpose built track cars including roll cages, turbo, brake upgrades, and full suspension upgrades. We work with the best companies in the industry including Eibach, KW, Sparco, MOMO, Hilton tuning, Michelin, Pirelli, Stoptech, Brembo, and many more who provide the best parts in the industry for every level.


There are many places that can bolt on parts to an engine and produce more power than factory spec. Building an engine to withstand the extra stress and abuse of modifications is what takes a performance car to the next level. Building an engine is not for everyone as it takes dedication, patience, and above all an extreme focus on attention to detail. Every bolt has to be tightened correctly and each part installed to specification. Making high horsepower engines reliable and running for years to come requires that extra attention and the ability to double and triple check each item during the build process. Do you want to take your track car or performance build to the next level? We provide varying levels of engine builds from simple cylinder head work to full top to bottom engine rebuilds to support any horsepower range you plan to achieve.

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Restoring classic vehicles to their original state is a lost artform. It takes lots of patience. Dedication and a love of classic vehicles. Sourcing discontinued parts and items for each vehicle is the hardest part. Our team has the ability to find and acquire many old and discontinued parts due to deep rooted relationships with parts suppliers and veterans in the restoration industry. With each vehicle comes a great responsibility to achieve the end result in the mind of each customer. We achieve this by allowing customer involvement during each step of the restoration process. That also means a “Resto-Mod” can be accomplished on many vehicles. We strive to prove our ability to make the impossible a possibility in each classic vehicle restoration.